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We have had amazing success with MBF! Our shelter hound mix puppy was terrorizing our house. Biting, pulling on leash, destroying items in the house. In a very short time with tips, advice and tangible behavioral changes, our pup became a beloved part of our family. All accomplished with positive reinforcement training. Anytime we need any kind of advice MBF responds extremely quickly with helpful tips and insights. We have recommended MBF to our inlaws as well. More success there as well. Every training tool and behavioral suggestion (including anxiety issues with our sr dog) has been spot on and meaningful. (Bob S.)

We were referred to Ingrid, by another dog trainer, a mutual friend of ours. Before we started working with the trainer who referred us, our dog, Storm, was incredibly shy and fearful. Being the giant dog that he is, that was a serious problem. Since working with Ingrid, Storm has made incredible steps towards becoming more confident and outgoing. While he still doesn't much care for strangers, he is now quite friendly towards family, and it is all thanks to Ingrid. She works flawlessly with Storm, sympathetically guiding his feelings (of which he has many) towards a more optimistic and friendly outlook on life, and family members. She is very friendly towards both people and animals, and very unassuming: not demanding anything that the either one is not ready to do. Her results are excellent.  (Symeon B.)

I adopted a rescue dog 3 years ago. When I adopted Ella she was a 2 year old chug. She was highly reactive to dogs and people. It was very difficult to take her for walks or even out of the house where she may encounter people and dogs. Ingrid at Mankind's Best Friendship gave me the information and tools I needed to help Ella overcome her reactivity. She is so much better to handle and I know she is also much happier and less stressed outside of the home. Ingrid is very knowledgeable on how to handle any situation that comes along. She also is an advocate for positive reinforcement behavioral modification instead of abrasive negative punishment techniques. I would recommend Ingrid to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer or needs help with any behavior problems. Ella loves Ingrid also!! (Theresa K.)

I cannot say enough good things about Ingrid. My husband and I were beyond stressed and overwhelmed with our rescue dog. We had him in typical obedience classes then a local private trainer. In both circumstances we felt as if we weren’t getting to the root of his dog-reactive issues. Then we heard about Ingrid from a neighbor. From the first time I spoke to Ingrid, I could tell her passion is helping dogs and people live happily together. Her “consultation” appt essentially turned into our first training session and I immediately felt so much better. At one session, we had our very dog-reactive dog walking next to her dog, proving he could handle meeting and being around other dogs. There are few sights more heartwarming than seeing a usually stressful dog prance from being so happy and excited, especially around a strange dog. Our work is not done, but Ingrid has proved to be a phenomenal resource, with the dogs as her top priority.  (Laura O.)


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