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Let's Be A Good Team

Do you remember the recruitment slogan the U.S. Marines used to have?  Well, I'm looking for a few good clients.  My view of the ideal dog/human bond is not shared by all dog owners and trainers, and it's in your best interests, as well as in my own, if we're on the same page right from the start.  It will save you money, will save both of us time, and will save all three (or more) of us frustration.


Are you hoping to give your dog the best life possible, which will also improve the quality of your own life?  Do you understand that changing a dog's behavior is relatively straightforward, but changing a human's behavior can be more of a challenge?  Do you understand that when we undertake to change a dog's behavior, it means that the behavior of at least one human in that dog's circle of care will also undergo a change, and are you willing to be that human?  Do you believe that changes to any being's behavior should be done without harming that being, physically and/or psychologically?


If you answered 'yes' to those questions, then we're already on the same page, so please get in touch so we can start teaching and learning together.  If you have questions about some of what you've read here, let's talk more.  ​​(716) 472-4865

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