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Helping a very active, alert dog

learn to relax improves the lives of both the dog and the owner.

Behavior Modification


If life with your dog isn't going as smoothly as you'd envisioned, let me help.  Behavior modification is my particular passion, and the reason I became a dog trainer.  Does your dog guard her food and toys?  I can help.  Is he anxious and unhappy when you leave?  I can help.  Does she behave like a whirling dervish when the doorbell rings?  I can help.  Is he aggressive at times, to dogs or to people?  I can help.  I can help with all of these challenges, and with many other common and uncommon problems you have.  I have learned that most people don't know that a dog's behavior can often be changed very successfully, with no pain or suffering, no punishment or 'correction'.  Let me show you how it's done.  Fees for my help with behavior modification are variable and subject to change.  My fee for an initial session is $110*.  This consultation session will be a minimum of two hours, but it may go as long as three, depending on how many challenges you're facing.  The cost remains the same.  You may purchase a package of three sessions for $300.  With this you're entitled to free email and phone support for life.  I maintain a carefully curated list of print and video resources to help you with common issues and tasks.  I'm generous with my time, and I'm highly motivated to help you achieve your goals.  *I may charge a small mileage fee, if you're quite far from my home base in Rochester.  

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