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May/June 2021:  It's been so nice to see you and your dog/s in 'person'.  :)  Sharing information about our vaccination statuses has been less of a problem than I'd thought, and I thank you for that.  I have two new helpful items to share with you. 


The first is this--help for guardians whose dogs are suffering with separation anxiety:

Next, there's a great new resource available for puppy guardians, co-authored by one of our most trusted dog training bloggers. The videos make this a game-changer.  Thorough, tested, completely reliable, and at a fabulous introductory price through the end of June:

March 2021:  I'm very happy that I'll be fully vaccinated and ready to help you in person by May 2021.  Please continue to stay safe, and I look forward to meeting you and your dog/s!  In the meantime, please accept this invitation to request membership in my Facebook group to get free help during the pandemic.  To find it, enter, 'Xcellent Xperienced Xperts Help You Be Your Dog's Best Trainer Group', in the Facebook searchbar.  A number of us force free trainers are available there to advise and support you, and it's a warm and welcoming bunch of dog enthusiasts.  Fun contests with prizes every week or so, too.  Hope to see you at the XXX training group!

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