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Mankind's Best Friendship: Dog Training For Smarties


Mankind's Best Friendship was formed when I began my involvement with pet rescue and learned that dogs are most often given up by their owners due to behavioral challenges.  I have three goals in mind when I put on my bait bag and head out to work with you and your dog/s:

#1:  to improve your situation immediately, including with management suggestions

#2:  to help you and your dog enjoy your best possible relationship

#3:  to show you the fundamentals of how I train, so that you can quickly become your dog's own best trainer if you so choose


At MBF all behavior modification and training are as non-invasive as possible.  A comparable technique in humans is what's known as non-violent communication.  MBF training is the type often called 'force-free', or, 'positive reinforcement-based'.               


What's the difference between behavior modification & training?  If your pet is engaging in problem behaviors because he/she is experiencing emotions like stress, fear, and/or aggression, we'll start with behavior modification                 and progress to training. 


If you're not dealing with behavioral challenges rooted in negative emotion

and you'd like your pet to learn some

new skills or tricks, we'll go straight to training.


Thank you for being here!  You've taken the

single most important step for improving

the bond between you and your dog, so give yourself a treat.

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