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Teaching a dog to keep the leash loose while walking isn't difficult, but it does require human patience.  When an owner has the help of a skilled and supportive trainer, the process is much more fun, progress is quicker, and the correct leash-walking habit is solidified much sooner. 

Dog Training For Smarties


I am fascinated by the art and science of training dogs, and with over 35 years' teaching experience in the art and science of training musicians and the same number of years training dogs, I am confident that I can successfully pass on to you my enthusiasm for reward-based dog training.  Not only do I not believe that 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks', but I am living proof that being a lifelong learner keeps one young at heart.

How can you tell if I'm the right trainer for you and your dog?  Here's something I learned from one of the world's foremost dog trainers.  To judge whether a trainer will do right by your dog, ask that person two questions:  'What, specifically, will happen to my dog when she gets it right?', and, 'What specific thing will happen when he gets it wrong?'  In the next paragraph are my answers to those questions.  Whether or not you like them should determine whether you hire me to help you.


When your dog gets it right, he'll hear a 'marker' sound (a click or a quick, 'Yes!'), and then he'll receive a tiny, tasty edible reinforcer, commonly known as a 'treat', and other reinforcers (praise, a favorite toy, petting on that special spot).  When she gets it wrong, I'll give her time to think, but if she continues to be puzzled, I'll slightly change how or what I'm asking her, so that the next time she'll get it right.  I will always set your dog up to succeed, and I'll teach you to do likewise.  I will also set you up to succeed.  That is a firm promise, and it means that all of us will be 'smarties'.  I charge $55 per hour of training time.  I will charge a small mileage fee if you're quite far from my home base in Rochester.

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