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Above & Beyond Dogwalking

I love walking dogs, and that includes yours.  I have many years of experience in choosing walk sites to suit your dog's exercise needs and any behavioral challenges, and I will work with you to arrive at the best possible plan for your dog's outings.  My safe vehicle is at your dog's disposal (I will ask you to sign a 'permission slip').  Your dog will have an enjoyable workout for his/her body and mind, and at no extra charge I will use reward-based training to ensure that our walk is a positive emotional experience.  With that goal in mind, I walk dogs using flat nylon, leather, hemp, or cloth collars or harnesses--no choke, prong, or shock collars, please.
1 to 1.5-hour walk within a 10-mile radius of Rochester, including trip to site, if applicable$25
Package pricing available.  For information about that and about walks outside the 10-mile radius, please call 288-1376.
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