This year I made a New Year's resolution to make a point of getting my (mostly) senior dogs out and about more.  We have a large fenced yard, which has helped me get lazy.  I'm choosing outings based on their individual preferences, along with what things each one could use work on (meeting dogs, meeting people, running at top speed, sniffing, etc.)  Thinking about the best outings possible has nudged me to notice that there's something I frequently find myself telling clients, so I'll make it official and tell you here:  Remember that you can--and should--use your car to walk your dog!  By taking your dog for car rides to novel places, you'll be accomplishing several good things at once, provided that your dog enjoys going in the car.  For more details, and for help if your dog doesn't enjoy the car, please see the related post on my Facebook training page, 

Happy 2020, happy training, and

happy outings to you! 

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