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       Mike the Cat

Enriched Petsitting


I have more than 40 years of experience taking superlative care of cats and dogs (and some birds, gerbils, and guinea pigs, too), and I will do an excellent job taking care of your loved pet/s during the day.  I'll cover all of your pet's basic needs, but if you like I'll also go beyond this and do enrichment activities with your pet--food puzzles; flying disc, catnip mouse, or tug-of-war games; hikes; trips to the pet store...whatever you and I decide is likely to make the time you're gone not just tolerable for your pet, but really nice.  I have particular experience with, and a soft spot for, senior pets and fearful or aggressive ones.  I take pride in my ability to make a dog's bath into a nurturing spa experience.  I've been a hospital/surgery assistant in a veterinary practice and have done a little additional study in that area, am comfortable coping with a wide range of animal health challenges, and am particularly skilled at giving insulin injections.  In some cases, rates for Enriched Petsitting may overlap with rates for Above & Beyond Dogwalking, so please contact me at 288-1376 to make a rate plan we both approve.  *I regret that I can't do overnights because of my own family's needs.  (Mike the Cat told me to say that.)

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