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Do you know you want help, but aren't sure how to label your needs (for instance, would it be dog skills training or behavior modification)? I offer a complimentary initial consultation to help you

organize your thoughts, prioritize your needs, and envision

an action plan to get us from Point A to Point B most efficiently.


Because the way we'll work will strengthen the bond

between you and your pet and enhance your overall relationship,

we'll often find that working on one thing affects another,

resulting in overlapping improvements--yay!


I hope to continue to offer this initial consulation to clients

at no charge, and keeping it fairly brief will help me do that. 

To maximize our efficiency, it will be very helpful

if before calling me at 288-1376 you spend a few days

keeping a journal of your observations of, and

concerns about, your pet's behavior during a typical day.  Please

also jot down what atypical events seem to cause problems

(vet visits, package deliveries, passing motorcycles,

tall men on roller skates juggling plates, etc.)


One last pre-consultation request:  imagine that I ask you

what you love most about your pet.  Write down that

answer on the first page of your journal,

and remind yourself of it frequently,

until remembering it becomes a habit. 

I've found this very helpful at times

when my patience has to stretch further than usual.


A certain Treeing Walker Coonhound puppy comes to mind. 

She's who started me on my path towards

becoming a trainer. 

I knew she needed and deserved more owner skills

than I had when she was a baby, and

she motivated me to learn quickly. 

I know I shouldn't have a favorite, but I do love that dog an awful lot.  She's the one on the left on my home page.






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